3 Dangerous Ingredient Groups In Your Dog’s Shampoo

Preservatives, Sulfates and Ethanolamines In part 1 of this article, I explained how manufacturers use the word “natural” as a marketing gimmick. As a dog owner, you can see beyond the marketing

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The Microwave: Three Reasons To Stop Using It

I’m always looking for pre-packaged raw foods my dog sitter can use while I’m away. Recently, I purchased a new brand of pre-made raw food with regionally derived small farm proteins. While the ingredients

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Why You Need To Feed Your Dog Liver

It’s Tasty Not Nasty Most people make an “ewww” face when you bring up the topic of eating liver. Many of us did not grow up eating this strange but powerfully nutritious food. Luckily, dogs don’t

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Merrick And Purina

This is some of the best news I could ever share … A $5 million class action lawsuit has been filed by Sean Randall of Ventura County, California against Merrick Pet Care Inc, Pet Appeal One LLC

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Is Your Natural Dog Shampoo Safe?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the same day my beloved toy poodle Henry Clay succumbed to his third battle with cancer. During my illness, my family and I began to take a closer look at the food

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