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Something Very Fishy

You’re gonna hate this, just warning you now.  Guess where most fish is processed?  No matter where in the world the fish is caught, no matter what country the fish is sold in…guess where

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Aflatoxin Corn Given the Ok by FDA and USDA

Deadly aflatoxin contaminated corn in two states have been given the ok by federal authorities to be mixed with non-contaminated corn and fed to animals, another state has applied for approval.  Here’s

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Another Pet Food Exception

The FDA is very clear, food is not a drug.  Food cannot make claims it treats or prevents a disease.  That is, unless it is pet food. According to federal regulations, “articles intended for use

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Does AVMA, AAHA Support This in Pet Foods?

Both of these veterinary organizations have recently developed an official policy against raw meat pet foods. But what about rendered diseased animal pet foods? What about rendered euthanized animal

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The Politics of Chinese Imported Jerky Dog Treats

Pets are caught in the middle. And they are dying and suffering from kidney failure by the thousands – caught in-between a game of politics. It does not appear that the FDA is seriously trying

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