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3 Natural Treatments For Dog Seizures And Epilepsy

Let’s face it … epilepsy and seizures are becoming an unwanted epidemic in dogs. And here’s a scary thought … … part of your dog’s routine health care could be causing his seizures. Seizures

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Dog Pancreatitis: 11 Steps For Natural Healing

 Is your dog’s pancreas digesting itself?Whoa, what? I know this sounds weird, but that’s what can happen with dog pancreatitis. In order for your dog’s body to function properly, the pancreas

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Canine Flu Vaccine: Does It Work?

Dry cough, sneezing, runny eyes … is it just the sniffles or does your dog have the flu? And if it’s the flu, could it have been prevented with the canine flu vaccine? Vaccine manufacturers use scare

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