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The Raw Feeding Easy Button: Make Your Dog’s Meals Less Complicated

Have you ever felt raw feeding your dog is just too complicated?p.p1{margin:0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px;text-align:center;font:18.0px Helvetica;color:#151515;-webkit-text-stroke:#151515;background-color:#fff;background-color:rgba(255,255,255,0.3)}span.s1{font-kerning:none}Maybe

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Goldenseal: A Handy Herb For Dog Owners

Goldenseal is a long-lived perennial that blooms in early spring. All parts of the plant may be used although the golden-yellow root is most commonly used. Uses For Goldenseal Traditionally, goldenseal

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Rescue Homeopathic Remedies And Bach Flower Essences For Emotional Upset

Many years ago my holistic physician gave me a homeopathic blend called Happy Puppy or Happy Dog. It was supposed to help my dogs accept the new dog and for the new dog to adapt to my home. I work in

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Chronic Renal Failure

I have a Chihuahua (approx. 7lbs) that just turned 14. Recently he started eating a lot of dirt. A LOT. Then he stopped eating so much, and acting sluggish and slow, so to the vet we went. They say he

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Podcast #2: Natural Solutions for Fleas and Ticks (with Deva Khalsa VMD)

  Natural Flea and Tick Control: Making the World a Safer Place   We get it! You know those flea and tick products can harm your pet. If they kill fleas and ticks, they have to be at least a

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