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Dogs Naturally Magazine is like no other publication. We don’t have subscribers; we have evangelists and family members. Join our family and see why advertising with Dogs Naturally is about building relationships, not just business.

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Reader Testimonials


I keep your magazine in my waiting room and I know they are read. They often disappear. It is such a thoughtful magazine that addresses canine health issues and well being.

Thank you for doing what you do. I work for a Holistic veterinarian and we refer to your articles frequently for our clients to be informed on so many issues. Keep up the good work!!!

Love reading this magazine and I use it as a reference quite often with customers in the dog boutique where I work. The writers you have employed are stellar. Thanks for the well researched information you bring to light for pet parents!

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Why Partner With Dogs Naturally?


  • We don’t sell ads, we deliver results! When you partner with Dogs Naturally, you become like family to us. We want every interaction you have with us to be amazing and we’ll work with you to help you get the most out of our advertising dollar. We’ll help you with lead capturing, landing page design and ad measurement because we want you to measure results and the value you get out of your advertising investment.
  • You don’t need a lot of money. We value community above all, so we love and support small, ethical businesses by offering un-inflated advertising rates. Dogs Naturally is affordable for any budget and any sized business.
  • It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the engagement! Yeah, our circulation isn’t as big as the “big” magazines, but our engagement is off the hook. Our average reader feedback score is 9/10 and our readers are evangelists who love to share our magazine with their dog loving friends.
  • We’re the ultimate B2B vehicle! More than 70% of our copies are purchased and shared by independent retailers. Retail stores use Dogs Naturally as a guide in their product buying decisions because of our stringent requirements. Join other businesses who have secured large retail and distributor sales just by being in our pages.
  • Get to know us, pain free! Has your print advertising failed in the past? We offer creative, fun and inexpensive ways to get to know us before committing to advertising. We have regular contests, promotions and affordable product reviews. Try us out and see how we go the extra mile for our advertising partners.
  • Everybody likes to feel like family. Dogs Naturally offers a strong community of followers built on trust. Our advertisers are the cream of the holistic crop and our readers and retail stores know they can trust the advertising partners who join our family.


From Our Advertisers


test1-2We advertise with several dog magazines, some of them much larger, but Dogs Naturally leads the pack in terms of converting to sales. – Mike Stansbury, Nzymes.com


test2-2I’ve had the most positive feedback and clients from your publication than any other. I couldn’t be more thrilled. – Paula Prickett, A Balanced K9


test3-2My digital ad and the display ad are having positive results- I’m getting a definite increase in “out of the blue” sales in addition to my usual referral sales. I’m pleased! – Julie Cantrell, Aldaron Essences



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