Thimerosal Dangers Not Old News For All Vet Clinics

heart murmur in dogs

Earlier this week, an article from the Orange County Register was sent to me by our friend Dr Patricia Jordan. The web page title says ‘New Vaccine Available At Clinics.’

Reporter Samantha Gowen writes:

“John Aram, co-founder of the Vaccination Station, said clinical evidence has indicated thiomersal has been tied to allergic reactions in some pets. “We decided to offer this option as certain breeds and some dogs are much more susceptible to reactions,” he said.

A scare after a recent rabies vaccine went awry changed Aram’s perspective – fast, he said. “About an hour after (a dog was vaccinated) the customer came rushing back into our clinic with the dog in the midst of an extremely serious reaction,” he said.

The staff veterinarian and technician at the clinic stabilized the dog and saved her life, he said.

“While that customer should have gone immediately to an emergency clinic, the fact that this type of reaction could have claimed her life was the shove I needed to make this decision,” he said.”

Apart from ending every paragraph with ‘he said’, I have one problem with this article – thimerosal-free rabies vaccines have been available since 1999! This clinic is being lauded in their local newspaper for being progressive, yet they are twelve years late in their decision – and it almost cost a dog her life. Is your vet doing all of her research BEFORE vaccinating your pet? If you don’t know the answer to that question, you might want to find out. Your dog’s life could depend on it.

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