The Chicken And The Egg

heart murmur in dogs

Recently the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) published a plea on PR Newswire for pet owners to bring their pets in for a visit.

“Despite the ever-increasing emotional bond we have with our pets, research shows pets are getting less preventive healthcare,” says Dr. Rene A. Carlson, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). “Consequently, illnesses that are totally preventable, such as dental infections, intestinal worms and heartworms, ear infections and diabetes, are on the increase. Every October, we encourage pet owners to bring their pets into their veterinarian for regular checkups.”

Dr. Carlson states that the rise of preventable disease in pets is caused by owners visiting the vet less often.  Funny, there is no research showing that pets who don’t regularly visit the vet suffer from more preventable disease.  In fact, I have six dogs in my house, two of which have only visited the vet for health clearances and they are vibrant and healthy.  I would be so bold as to say that my dogs suffer from less preventable disease because they visit the vet less often.

The problem is, the vets don’t just want to look your dog over – they want to vaccinate him, sell you dewormers, flea and tick poisons and heartworm medications.

Interestingly, the statistics showing that preventable diseases are on the rise come from Banfield veterinary clinics – a corporation that pushes yearly vaccination.  Is it no small wonder that the research showed an increased in preventable diseases?  For more information on the Banfield study, click here.

If there is a cause and effect here, I believe that preventable diseases in dogs are on the rise because they are over-serviced by veterinarians.  I also believe that pet owners are waking up and seeing the damage that these toxins cause in their pets and are deciding to vaccinate less often, use fewer toxic chemicals and drugs and to feed a fresh and healthy diet instead of an expensive and chemical laden prescription veterinary diet.  Consequently, pet owners are becoming educated and visiting the vet less often because their dogs are healthier and they understand that yearly vaccination is dangerous – even if their vet does not.

I would like to do a little research of my own – I would like to gather statistics from purely holistic vets instead of ones that vaccinate yearly and then see what the results are.  I expect they would be very different.

If you are one of the dogs owners who are visiting your allopathic vet less often, let us know what the results are in your dog.  Is your dog more healthy or less healthy after you stopped going to the vet so often?

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