It’s spring again.  It’s time for cleaning and for new beginnings. Why not consider a spring cleaning for your dog to give him a fresh start too.

Why Should You Detox Your Dog?

Most dogs are exposed to a lot of toxins that build up in the body.  If your dog has been given vaccines, antibiotic pills or creams, dewormers (natural or commercial), heartworm or flea preventives, then he could use some help to rid his body of the accumulation of toxins.

Even if your dog is fed a very high quality diet and has not been exposed to the above chemical toxins, there are environmental toxins such as cleaning products, pollution, overspray from farmers’ fields and the neighbor’s lawn, heavy metals in our water and food supply and a myriad of other environmental poisons that we can’t control but build up in our dogs all the same.

Detoxification is stimulating the release of these toxins which accumulate in the organs, most notably the liver and digestive organs.  Your dog has the ability to expel many of these toxins himself, but as the toxins accumulate, he will become less efficient at doing so and might need a little assistance.  Detoxification can also help break down some toxins that the body is not well equipped to deal with.

Regular detoxification is an important step in keeping your dog in top shape.  Toxins in the organs can interfere with their function and begin to cause chronic disease.  Equally important is avoiding exposure to toxins as much as possible.  Fortunately, there are many gentle and effective ways to help your dog with his spring cleaning.  Below is just one protocol of many, but one that is safe and effective.

Steps For Spring Cleaning For Your Dog

Step 1

Pay attention to diet.  If your dog could use a better diet, there is no time like the present to start.  If your dog is currently eating kibble, it would be best to move him to a raw, home-prepared or raw/dehydrated food to help him get the nutrition he will need.  Cooked and processed foods offer little nutrition and the synthetic vitamins and minerals will only contribute to the accumulation of toxins.  Foods that include grains may also increase the toxin load so it might be best to leave the grains out of his diet for at least the duration of the detox.

Once you have decided on what you will feed your dog, put it away for a day.  Your dog should ideally have a 24 hour,  ‘water only’ fast to kick-start his detox.

Step 2

Support the diet with quality supplements.  You can help restore optimal digestive and immune function if you provide the following for your dog daily for the duration of the detox:

  • High quality omega-3 fatty acids
  • A good quality probiotic and digestive enzymes

Step 3

Purchase a HEEL Detox Kit.  We have no ties with HEEL and there are many commercial detox kits you can purchase.  This just happens to be one I have used and have experience with.

There are three combination remedies in each kit:

  1. Berberis-Homaccord to stimulate the kidney and gall bladder
  2. Lymphomyosol for the lympathic system
  3. Nux vomica-Homaccord for the liver and GI tract

If you are changing your dog’s diet, wait a few days before beginning the detox.  To start, simply place twenty or thirty drops of each of the bottles in your dog’s drinking water each morning.  If you have multiple dogs, this makes the detox very easy.  Continue for thirty days.

Although homeopathy is generally safe and has no known drug interactions, your dog may react to the detox.  There may be a mild aggravation of present symptoms and this is acceptable and these symptoms typically improve in the first few days.  Some dogs may react a bit stronger to the detox.  If there is vomiting or gastric discomfort, you might want to consult with your dog’s healthcare professional.  In general, this detox is gentle and safe and most dogs do well on it.

This spring, don’t forget your spring cleaning for your dog as an important part of your routine. You can help prevent unwanted chronic illness with a simple cleanse – and while you’re at it, you can do it at the same time!  It’s certainly a spring ritual in our household.