I have a Standard Poodle who has seizures. He only has them when he is sleeping. Is there something I can give him to help stop seizures when he is sleeping? The seizures can be in the day or night. He is not on any meds.


Dr Jennifer RamelmeierHello LaRue,

The first thing that you need to do is have your Veterinarian do a full physical and neurological exam. You need to rule out metabolic causes such as a liver shunt by performing blood work and tumors of the brain by doing an MRI. If everything is ruled out then we usually assume that the dog has epilepsy .

I handle many seizure-epilepsy cases in my practice and have found that some responded to removing certain environmental causes. The first one would be to make sure your dog is on a gluten free diet as I have seen seizures resolve when all grain is removed. The best diet is a raw meat diet with 75% being meat and the rest a variety of vegies.

The second would be to make sure all potential neurotoxins are removed. So make sure you or your neighbors are not using pesticides or herbicides on your lawn or in the house, that you are not applying any topical flea products, and avoid future vaccinations. You should consider taking your dog off heart worm medications temporarily.

I also always treat these patients homeopathically and recommend you contact a veterinary homeopath to prescribe as seizures are the result of deep chronic disease of the neurologic tract.

Some good supplements to start with homeopathy are DMG which calms the neurologic tract and rescue remedy which can be rubbed on the ears of the dogs while they are having the seizure.

Yours in health,

Jennifer Ramelmeier DVM, CVH

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