Remedies For Over-Indulgence In Dogs

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The holiday season is not the healthiest time of year for us.  We often indulge in fatty or sugary treats that we normally avoid the rest of the year, leaving us feeling not-so-good the next day.

The holidays can also affect your dog’s health.  This is the time of year when dogs might also get too many treats.  They’re also more likely to raid the garbage cans or share in your own over-indulgence.  This can lead to commonly seen issues such as diarrhea, constipation or nausea.

Here are some quick remedies that will help both you and your dog if you over-indulge this holiday season!

Homeopathic Remedies for an upset stomach

Nux vomica:  this remedy is useful for any type of over-indulgence and is often referred to as the ‘hangover remedy.’  Nux vomica is the main remedy to have on hand for the holiday season, especially for dogs who might have raided the trash bin.  You will notice flatulence and indigestion and there may be vomiting, followed by constipation and then diarrhea.

Carbo veg:  known by the name ‘the corpse reviver’ because of its remarkable ability to rally people and animals from the point of death when symptoms point to its prescription. These include: indifference and apathy; extreme debility or collapse; coldness with an aversion to heat; difficulty in breathing, air hunger and desire to be fanned; unable to lie down – must be propped up; symptoms of heart failure and extreme bloating, indigestion and belching. These last symptoms make it a useful prescription for over-indulgence, whether the dog is at death’s door or not!  The belching will be foul smelling with Carbo veg.

Lycopodium: This is a great acute remedy for the liver and gastrointestinal tract.  It is indicated for constipation, especially if it is accompanied by bloating, even after a small amount of food. Gas and much rumbling in the intestines is another indicator.  The may be vomiting and difficulty passing hard stools, followed by diarrhea.

Arsenicum album:  the principle remedy when vomiting is the main symptom.  Arsenicum may be useful for acute pancreatitis associated with acute vomiting and diarrhea.   Useful for diarrhea from overeating or from food or garbage poisoning, the stools will be watery and may contain blood.

Herbs for the upset stomach

There are some herbs that might help your dog along the way.  An upset stomach and vomiting may be eased with ginger, peppermint, catnip, fennel or dill. They can be given separately or in combination.

Enjoy the holiday season and be sure to have these remedies on hand, in case there is a little over-indulgence in your household this year!

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