Rabies Vaccination Is No Joke

heart murmur in dogs

What are these assembly members so happy about?

What looks like a fun day for legislators could have lethal results for dogs in California.

California Rabies Bill AB 272 seeks to lower the age at which puppies must be vaccinated from four months to three months. It will soon be scheduled for a final Assembly vote, and if passed, it will move on to the Senate.

Prior Assembly votes supporting AB 272 are baffling as all four Assembly analyses (three of which contain inaccurate information on state rabies laws) indicate AB 272 will NOT accomplish the stated goals of its sponsors, the Health Officers Association of California.

Lowering the required age of rabies vaccination to three months increases the likelihood of adverse vaccine reactions as well as failure to immunize due to residual maternal antibodies and interference from other puppy vaccines given at three months.

There is significant opposition to AB 272 from The Rabies Challenge Fund, The California Federation of Dog Clubs, dog organizations, veterinarians, and private individuals.

If you live in California, contact your assembly member here: http://www.legislature.ca.gov/legislators_and_districts/legislators/your_legislator.html) Ask them to OPPOSE Rabies Bill AB 272 when it comes up for a vote. And please do it as soon as possible. Ask them to pull the bill so it will come up again for debate.

Dr Jean Dodds and Karen Becker discuss Bill AB 272.

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