Rabies Miasm And Hyper-Sexuality

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When I worked as a behavior consultant for municipal shelters, an important part of my job was to temperament test the dogs. One behavior trait that I noticed in a lot of dogs was hyper-sexuality. Sexual behavior such as humping was a common displacement behavior in many of these dogs and, looking back, it makes perfect sense.

Dogs taken into shelters are vaccinated under the worst conditions – they are often stressed, malnourished and ill at the time of vaccination and, despite the information on vaccine labels recommending vaccines should not be given to dogs under these circumstances, these dogs receive combination vaccines and rabies, often at the same time.

One of the problems with vaccines is that they cause a chronic form of the acute disease. In the case of rabies miasm, you will see chronic, low levels of the actual disease state, including excitability, agitation, irrational fears, inappropriate responses to water, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, and – excessive sexual drive. This can manifest as humping, constant or inappropriate erections, and just a general lasciviousness.

Interestingly, a 28 year old woman in India recently visited her doctor with an unusual symptom: a sudden and unrelenting increase in sex drive. Four days later, she was dead. It appears this woman was bitten by a puppy infected with rabies (rabid feral dogs are a problem in India).  This is a tragic example of how vaccination turns acute disease into chronic disease … the misplaced and hyper-sexual behavior we see too often in dogs is often a result of rabies vaccination.

Dog owners are becoming more aware of the health issues that vaccination, and rabies vaccination in particular, can cause. Behaviors that we see as personality quirks in our dogs are often a sign of deep seated vaccine-induced disease. We may think it cute when our dogs bark and snap at the garden hose or chase laser lights until they are whipped into a frenzy. But underneath, these behaviors are often driven by rabies miasm. Hyper-sexuality is no exception. If your dog displays sexual behaviors you would rather not live with, consider visiting a good, classical homeopath. Treating the rabies miasm, whether your dog was vaccinated or he carries the damage from his parents’ vaccination, will cause noticeable and permanent changes in his high sex drive.

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