Anyone who has ever had a dog knows: diarrhea happens. And vomiting too.

It’s really your dog’s way of naturally getting rid of something that just isn’t agreeing with him.

Many times, for your basic vomiting and diarrhea episode, fasting – which most dogs will do themselves naturally – and bland food are often recommended as part of treatment.

Because recovering from an upset stomach requires a slow reintroduction to food, here’s a bland food recipe that may help in the process …

Caution: Contact your holistic vet immediately if your dog is very lethargic, bloated, spikes a fever, you see more than a small amount of blood in his stool or vomit, seems very ill, or if you have any doubts.

Soup Recipe To Soothe Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

Think about the last time you had the stomach flu or food poisoning… what did you want to eat? Bland food and chicken soup, most likely. Yeah, same goes for your dog. Once he starts eating again, bland is the way to go to help prevent further stomach upset. And soup is a great way to start…

  1. Place three to four chicken thighs in six cups of water. You can also add chopped celery and carrot.
  2. Bring to a boil and simmer for 1½ to two hours.
  3. Remove skin and bones, and set meat aside.
  4. Strain broth and use it to boil one to two cups of chopped vegetables (like carrot, celery, yam, cauliflower) for 20 minutes.
  5. Allow to cool before serving.

You can offer just the broth at first or you can make small servings with meat, mashed vegetables and broth. Give small portions (a few teaspoons for very small dogs, and up to ½ to one cup for larger dogs). Allow four to six hours to pass to monitor for diarrhea or vomiting after those first few meals.

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dog's upset stomach

If you’re wondering what to give your dog when they have an upset stomach, this bland soup can help keep your dog supplied with important nutrients without trying his system too much as he rebalances himself into health.

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  • Greg Tilford is a well-known expert, author, consultant and teacher in the field of veterinary botanical medicine.
  • Lisa Brienen DVM, CVH is a holistic veterinarian at Mercy Vet Clinic in Mercer Island, WA.