Holiday Gift Guide: Our Favorite Gifts For Dogs

Dog holding present with mouth next to tree with presents underneath

‘Tis the season to be grateful and to celebrate those who matter most to us. And of course that includes our dogs. 

Want to fill your dog’s stocking with the perfect gift? We’ve got the ultimate holiday guide with the best gifts for dogs right here.

These are some of our favorite gifts for this year, and all of them are either eco-friendly or natural (or both). Good for the environment and good for our dogs.

Get ready to wrap (with eco-friendly paper of course!).

1. CocoChew Coconut Husk Toy

CocoChew Coconut Husk Toy

If your dog loves to chew but you’re concerned about the toxic ingredients in many rubber toys, this is the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s made with 100% sustainably sourced coconut husk, is eco-friendly and helps scrub dogs’ teeth as they chew!  

The toy is safe to chew on and the coconut fibers can be passed in small quantities, so while it isn’t meant to be eaten, it’s ok if your dog does end up eating a little of it.

These toys come in two tough sizes, one for puppies and smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. You can also choose from rope tugs and balls. Find them at

2. Colorado Hemp Honey

Colorado Hemp Honey

Colorado Hemp Honey is full of pure, raw honey straight from their Rocky Mountain hives. It’s combined with local, Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract which contains naturally occurring cannabinoids. These cannabinoids help promote a healthy calm, maintain overall well-being, and aid in digestive support.

Colorado HempHoney is safe for pets and is a delicious addition to any food or treats. Find them at

3. Dr Jodie’s N-Trail Mix

Dr Jodie’s N-Trail Mix

N-Trail Mix from Dr Jodie’s Healthy Pets is a variety pack of freeze-dried organs. These bite-size pieces of brain, kidney, spleen, liver, gizzard and heart provide necessary nutrients not found in typical food ingredients.

These are perfect for use as training treats and to supplement homemade raw diets with extra organ meat. Find them at

4. CocoTherapy Organic Coconut Treats

CocoTherapy Organic Coconut Treats

Treats, treats and more treats. We’re nuts for CoCoTherapy organic coconut treats.

With savory flavors like turkey, chicken and beef meatballs or sweet options like apple pie, there’s something for every dog. The 100% raw freeze-dried turkey, spinach and coconut treats are antibiotic-free, hormone-free, non-GMO, grain free and gluten free.

But that’s not all. These treats are jam-packed with coconut so your dog gets all the health benefits. Find them at the Dogs Naturally Market or at

5. Purrfectplay Hemp Toys

What dog doesn’t love a new toy? This year, instead of grabbing one made of rubber or covered in toxic chemicals, why not go a more natural route with something made of hemp?

Purrfectplay Hemp Toys

Purrfectplay’s organic dog toys are made with earth-friendly hemp and certified organic stuffing. And they’re cute and fun!

The toys are all made in Purrfectplay’s Indiana workshop. Feel good knowing that 5% of each sale is gratefully shared with rescues and no-kill shelters. Find them online at

6. Wagging Green Bamboo Collars

Wagging Green Bamboo Collars

These beautiful collars are made from 100% organic bamboo, a sustainable resource.

These collars are environmentally friendly, hand sewn in the US and available in a variety of colors with fun, hippy fringe edging. They’re soft, durable and flexible. You can even choose a matching bamboo leash for a paired set. Find them online at

7. Answers Raw Goat Cheese Treats

Answers Raw Goat Cheese Treats

We’re always looking for new treat options that we can trust. And our friends over at Answers Pet Food never fail to deliver. 

These yummy frozen treats contain raw goat cheese and your choice of organic cranberries, organic blueberries, organic cherries, organic ginger, organic spirulina or organic turmeric. That’s literally it. They’re healthy treats teeming with protein, healthy fats and beneficial bacteria. Find them at

8. MollyMutt Stuffable Beds

MollyMutt Stuffable Beds

What’s your dog’s favorite smell? You! So why not get a 100% cotton dog bed that you stuff with your own things – old pillows, towels, clothes – things that smell like you? You don’t even need to wash them first. 

And, not only does this keep your dog happy, it’s great for the environment. Reusing these textiles keeps them out of landfills. And we’re all for that!

MollyMutt bed covers and duvets come in a variety of styles. Find them at

9. Cycle Dog High Roller

Speaking of helping the environment, why not give your dog a fun new toy that also doubles as an eco-saver.

Cycle Dog High Roller

Cycle Dog takes old, discarded bike tire tubes and turns them into fun stuff for dogs like collars, treats and toys! The High Roller contains only post-consumer recycled materials, with a tough squeaker. It also floats.

Cycle Dog also has several other eco-friendly products like collars and travel gear. Check out everything they have to offer at

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