by:  Gerald Wessner DVM and Ellen Kohn
Article Excerpt from January 2011

Recent evidence has come to light to show that unvaccinated dogs are now showing positive titers. For many years holistic veterinarians believed that nosodes protected through an obscure energetic process, but now more scientific evidence has come to light to show that it is possible for antibodies to be produced in the body without the antigens from the vaccine, especially when a killed vaccine like rabies is administered. Much more research is needed in this area to not only protect the animals, but also to protect the human public.


It is recommended that dog owners work closely with a homeopathic veterinarian for a nosode consultation and follow-up. The following are general guidelines for nosode usage.

Pregnant females may be given nosodes to pass immunity to the unborn puppies.  Puppies can be given homeopathic nosodes beginning at three weeks of age. The suggested dosage for dogs of all ages irrespective of previous orthodox vaccinations is the same…(To Read More, purchase a copy of the January/February 2011 Issue)

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