Regardless of what you feed your dog or what your vaccine views are, you will want to participate in a new survey.

This ongoing survey, designed by DNM reader Aileen Galt, will study the impact of diet and vaccination on health and behavior. The more responses they get, the more statistically valid their results will be. Please take the time to complete the survey at

Although the sample size is currently small, there are some interesting preliminary results:

Incidence of Ear Infections

Dried – 47%
Moist/Semi Moist – 20%
Home Cooked – 13%
Raw – 20%

Incidence of Digestive Disorders

Dried – 44%
Moist/Semi Moist – 26%
Home Cooked – 13%
Raw – 17%

Please take the time to complete this form so we can better understand how what your dog eats affects his health.

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