Massive Health Problems Linked To GMO Foods

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The research showing the health problems from eating Genetically Modified foods is coming to the forefront. Perhaps the most notable incident was the pet food recalls in 1997 – it seems that the scientists behind the melamine-enhanced foods were food geneticists.

Recently Árpád Pusztai, one of the scientists paid to test the safety of GMO foods and former GMO advocate, had his career ruined for speaking out against GMO food safety after his research was completed.

He states: “”After the animals were killed and dissected,” Pusztai recalled, “we found out that in comparison with the non-genetically modified potatoes, their internal organs developed differently.” The intestines and stomach lining, for example, increased in size, the liver and kidneys were smaller, and the overall rate of growth was retarded. And the immune system suffered. Pusztai emphasized, “They found in those data 36 – 36! very highly significant differences between the GM-fed animals and the non-GM fed animals.”

The rats in his control group ate the natural potatoes plus the insecticide and not have these issues. Natural News reports:

When Pusztai saw the extensive damage that his potatoes caused in the lab animals, he also realized that if biotech companies had done the safety studies, the dangerous potatoes would have easily made it to market. He knew this because a few months earlier, he had reviewed the confidential submissions from the biotech companies which allowed their GM soy and corn onto the market. “They were flimsy,” he said. “They were not scientifically well founded.” They would never detect the changes in GMO-fed animals.

Reading the industry studies was a turning point in Pusztai’s life. He realized what he was doing and what the industry scientists were doing was diametrically opposed. He was doing safety studies. Companies like Monsanto, on the other hand, were doing as little as possible to get their foods on the market as quickly as possible.

Pusztai also realized that the GM soy and corn already on the market had been produced using the same process that had created his dangerous potato. Thus, the GM crops being consumed in the UK and the US might lead to similar damage in the gut, brain and organs of the entire population.

Thus, during his TV interview, Pusztai flatly stated: “If I had the choice, I would certainly not eat [GM foods] until I see at least comparable experimental evidence which we are producing for genetically modified potatoes.”

Here in North America, it is important to avoid processed corn, wheat and soy products in pet foods because these foods are often GMO. This list will grow as more and more GMO foods become accepted. Your best bet is to avoid processed foods altogether and feed your dog fresh, raw foods. This is the only way to know the quality of food going in to your dog.

The newly released documentary, Scientists Under Attach, shows interviews with Pusztai and other maligned scientists who have spoken out against GMO safety.

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