Hi, I’ve read that Colostrum can be very effective in treating allergies. My German Shepherd Dog is currently on a low dose of Prednisone for her seasonal allergy (itching), I hope to wean her off completely soon. I tried every natural remedy I could find but had to, for her sake, start the steroids (much to my dismay).

My question is, when should I start it? Now, after the Prednisone, or closer to her allergy season?

~ Lori

Jennifer RamelmeierDear Lori,

You can start on the colostrum for allergies anytime, even when on the prednisone. However I seldom see colostrum by itself resolve allergies and I always combine it with homeopathy. Allergies are a sign of deep seated chronic disease and best treated with classical homeopathy or acupuncture with Chinese herbs. Meanwhile work to get your dog off prednisone ASAP start on a raw diet and avoid vaccines and veterinary flea treatments.


Dr Ramelmeier

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