Influenza Risks 5 – Vaccine Risks 0

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Today we were sent a link from a veterinary clinic website, warning their clients of the dangers of canine influenza and that the clinic will now be giving the vaccines to their clients.

They urge their clients to visit the clinic so they can become educated about canine influenza and offer a summary.

A veterinary clinic website, warning their clients of the dangers of canine influenza

We’re not going to name the veterinary clinic because there are thousands across the country that will have the same page on their website.  We want to point out that there’s one really big problem with this summary:  it is completely one sided.

Have you ever worked as a sales person?  If so, you’ll recognize the above as a sales pitch, not an attempt at dog owner education.  Like every good sales pitch, this so called Pet Health Information first tells consumers (yes, we pet owners are consumers), what issue they need to solve (in this case, influenza is very a very contagious disease that kills 8% of dogs diagnosed with it), how they can solve the problem (with vaccination), and who the target audience is (basically, anyone puppy/dog that will come in contact with another puppy/dog).

Dogs are living, feeling souls who many of us cherish as family members. They are not new cars or electronics and their health care options should not be presented like they were.  Why do vets like this list FIVE reasons to vaccinate every dog who doesn’t live in a plastic bubble for influenza, yet not one potential adverse event from vaccination is listed?  If this isn’t a sales pitch, what is it?  Is this blatant marketing what passes for client health information these days?

This vet clinic also recommends a link ( no longer active online) for more ‘education’ regarding canine influenza.  Of course, this particular piece of information is presented by Merck who just happens to manufacture the Nobivac Canine Flu vaccine.

If you would like a more balanced perspective on the threat of canine influenza, read this article.  Don’t fall victim to sales pitches and fear mongering – know the facts regarding canine influenza and vaccine dangers and make your own vaccine decision.  The vaccine manufacturers may fool the vets into thinking these diseases are more prevalent and dangerous than they are – and that their vaccines are completely safe.  Smart dog owners know different – and we sure know a hard sell when we see it.

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