How To Stop The Bleeding From Over-trimmed Toenails

Dog getting his nails trimmed

Seasoned trimmer or not, cutting too far when trimming a dog’s nails can happen from time to time to any one of us.

If you trim your dog’s nails at home, I’m pretty sure you’ve been in this situation before: either the dog’s nails are dark and it’s hard to see how far you can cut, or the dog moves around.

Whatever the reason, you simply end up cutting too far and the nail starts to bleed.

Now what?

Running a large kennel with many dogs to care for, I’ve learned that even though bleeding from the nails can be quite extensive, it usually looks far worse than it is. But when it happens, we have to deal with it.

Throughout the years I’ve tried and tested many ways to stop the bleeding and disinfect the nail, until I came to the most effective, safe, non-toxic, painless solution.

No spraying that freaks the dogs out, no toxic aluminum based wound disinfectants, nor alcohol based solutions that cause pain (burning and stinging).

So what’s a natural and effective remedy for your dog’s bleeding nail?

GREATER PLANTAIN (Plantago major)

This simple aid is most likely within easy reach. As a matter of fact, it probably grows just outside your door, in your lawn or along the driveway.
It’s a common weed called GREATER PLANTAIN (Plantago major).

Plantain (the entire plant) has some strong healing and other medicinal properties and among them is the plant’s amazing ability to stop bleeding.

Greater plantain with its typical wide leaves grows abundantly along roads, trails and paths, often in the company of dandelions. You can find it in most garden lawns and in meadows as well.

Careful where you pick it

If you decide to use plantain, always make sure that it doesn’t come from a lawn treated with herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals. Also don’t pick it alongside roads and heavy traffic areas because of the toxic waste that the plant absorbs.

How to use plantain

Plantain’s wide, large leaves are what you’re looking for.

Once you find your nice fresh, clean plantain leaf, wash it with water and crack it in several places to allow the juice from the leaf to touch the wound.

It is the juice that contains the most effective substances to stop the bleeding and aid in healing.

  1. Clean the nail with a wet cotton cloth and carefully wrap it in the cracked plantain leaf.
  2. Make sure the leaf is really touching the wound, but don’t apply too much pressure with your fingers.
  3. Hold it in place for a few minutes or for as long as necessary to stop the bleeding.

Another wonderful aspect of using plantain on wounds such as the cut from nail trimming is the plant’s soothing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ability, making it perfect for healing.

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If the bleeding won’t stop

If the bleeding is very excessive and you can’t stop it, don’t panic. Put a plantain leaf on the wound, wrap the paw in a clean compress, apply a bit of pressure and take your dog to the vet, grooming service or other pet professional nearby; they should be able to help you right away.

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