How To Access Your Digital Magazines

If you're a new subscriber or you're simply trying to access your digital archives, follow the steps below.


How to access your digital magazines

Visit the Dogs Naturally Magazine website: ​

click on "Subscriber Login" near the top right corner in the navigation bar.

Log In To See Your Magazines

Once you've landed on the Member Login page, enter the your email address and password into the specified fields. To find your password, check your confirmation email. Once you are ready, click "Login"

Your Digital Magazine Homepage

Once, you're logged in, you will immediately see your subscriptions. If you have access to the archives, you will see all of the past Dogs Naturally Magazines. If you do not, you will see only the issues you'll get bi-mothly with your subscription.

Access Your Account

To access your account, hover over your name and a dropdown menu will appear. Next, click on "Account". This will take you to your own profile where you can view past purchases, current subscriptions and make any changes to your personal or payment  information.

Log In To Your Customer Account

Once you reach this page, enter the same login as you did to access your digital magazines.

See Your Purchases & Subscriptions

When you're logged in, you will see this welcome page (see image). Use the navigation bar to see your "Subscriptions" or "Purchases"

How To Change Your Personal And Payment Information

Hover over your name in the top right corner. A dropdown will appear. Click on "My Profile". Once you're inside, you can change your personal information and billing and shipping information

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