Using Homeopathy For Canine Dentistry

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Many people are eager to try Homeopathy for their dogs but don’t consider it for oral health. Homeopathy has a broad range of uses and can provide rapid relief from a number of dental conditions for which there is little that conventional medicine can offer, or where the cure may at times be worse than the disease.  Here are a few common conditions and remedies:


In mild cases where there is heat around the head, give Belladonna 30C, every 30 mins.

With halitosis and excessive salivation or drooling, use Merc sol 6C to 30C every hour.

With obvious pus, to hasten it’s expulsion, use Hepar sulph 6C every two hours.

Where the abscess is swollen, use Myristica 6C every half hour to an hour.  Higher potencies, such as 30c, should not be given, since they tend to discourage proper drainage.

Once pus has started to drain, to hasten it’s removal use Silica 6C twice daily.

Anaesthetic, general, to detoxify

If your dog requires dental surgery, use a mixture of Leptandra 6C, Nux vomica 6C, Lycopodium 6C and Urtica urens 6C, three times daily.


Initially, give Arnica 200C every 15 to 30 minutes.

For persistent bleeding of bright red blood use Phosphorus 30C every 15 minutes.

For persistent bleeding of dark blood use Lachesis 30C every hour.

Dental Trauma

For injuries resulting in bruising or fractures, use Arnica 30C three times daily for chronic problems, or every hour for acute injury for up to 6 doses.

Injuries resulting in nerve damage should be treated with Hypericum 30C every hour for acute injury.

Eruption of teeth, delayed in puppies

Use Calc carb 30C, twice a week.

Gingivitis (acute)

With heavily coated tongue, use Merc sol 30C three times daily.

With clean tongue, use Nit ac 30C three times daily.

With excessive destruction of tissue, use Kali chlor 30C three times daily.

Bad Breath

Use a mixture of Carbo veg 30C and Merc sol 30C twice daily.

If your dog is feverish, give Pyrogen 30c three times daily, for a few days, in addition to, any of the selected remedies mentioned above.

When alternating remedies, such as Belladonna and Pyrogen give the remedies separately and dose them at least 1 hour apart.

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