Helping Your Dog’s Fear Of Thunderstorms

Scared dog indoors and thunderstorm outside

Summer weather is fast approaching and with it will come thunderstorms. Thunderstorm phobias can send dogs hiding under their beds or cowering and shaking in fear, much to the concern of their owners. Fortunately, there are some holistic approaches that may help to calm your dog during summer storms.

Fear of thunderstorms and other noise sensitivities are becoming quite prevalent in dogs and the fact that it is so common is not surprising. Noise sensitivity is quite often a symptom of rabies vaccinosis (see May issue of Dogs Naturally for how the Rabies vaccine can affect your dog’s behavior). If your dog is noise or thunder phobic, a good start would be to take him to a good homeopathic vet. There are various remedies that can help counter-balance vaccinosis and every vaccinated dog should start here. Even if your dog has not been vaccinated for rabies, he may still carry the baggage of his parents if they were vaccinated. Treating the core of the problem – vaccinosis – is the best place to begin if you want to permanently rid your dog of these fears – or at least limit is stress as much as possible.

Try These Remedies

There are also some remedies that will help counter his fears during the storm season. As with all homeopathic remedies, once you see improvement in your dog, stop giving the remedy or reduce the frequency of dosing until you can stop completely.

Phosphorus 30c – This remedy is good for all noise phobias. It can be given once or twice a day.

Borax 6c – This remedy is specific for fears of thunder storms and can be given twice a day.

Aconite 30c – This remedy addresses fear in general and can be given every fifteen minutes during a storm.  Continue only until you see improvement.  If you do not see improvement, try another remedy.

Aurum Metallicaum 30c – may also be given once or twice a day to combat most noise sensitivities.

Of course, flower remedies are also an excellent choice for thunder phobias and Rescue Remedy can also be given every 15 minutes until the dog starts to calm.

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The above are some suggestions you might try on your dog or discuss with your vet. There is no need for your dog to suffer this summer!

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