What’s In Your Pet’s Water?

heart murmur in dogs

Dangers of fluoride water in your pet’s water and dog food.

Fluoride is a Class 2 environmental toxin, second only to arsenic in its danger as a biochemically reactive poison.  Fluoride’s primary use is as a rat and cockroach poison and it is a known carcinogen. Historically, fluoride was also used in Nazi Germany ghettos and prison camps to sterilize the human inmates. Research chemist Charles Perkins stated that repeated ingestion of low doses of fluoride over a long period of time destroyed areas of the human brain that trigger resistance so it also functioned to make inmates more docile.

More recent research shows that fluoride ingestion can cause dental fluorosis (disease of the teeth), weakening of bones, bone loss, bone cancer, kidney disease, osteosarcoma and hormone disruption. It can also lead to reduced IQ levels and cognitive damage.  Due to the controversial findings on the fluoridation of water, a number of western European countries such as Austria, Germany, and Belgium have prohibited the practice of adding fluoride to their water. In fact, 98% of Europe is now free of fluoridated water.

by:  Joanne Suresh
Article Excerpt from January 2011

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