counter dog

by:  Chris Puls
Article Excerpt from January 2011

I have a pretty hard-core counter surfer at my house too.  There was just that one time someone left a whole plate of corn bread out when she was about 9 months old and that was it. A full dose of Jack-Pot-At-Las-Vegas- One-Trial-Super-Learning event that I just don’t think she’s ever going to get over.

Even after a year of never achieving so great a coup du scarf again, just a few crumbs here and there now and then, the behavior really hasn’t diminished. So, being the good behaviorist I decided to try and figure out exactly what was continuing to reinforce it in spite of all our strict precautions. In an attempt to experience the kitchen from Zoë’s perspective, I got down on all fours and crawled around for a bit. (Very professional, I know).

First of all, when you are a dog, the edge of the counter looms enticingly overhead, but everything else is a mystery. And even though I had just been upright a second before and knew that all there was up there was a clean cutting board, coffee maker and toaster oven, my first thought as a dog was “I wonder what is up there now?”

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