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heart murmur in dogs

When using remedies for simple, acute, first aid purposes, what potencies are best?


Dr Jeff Feinman

Thanks for asking this question Nancy.

In the emergency situation, as has been said, the best potency to use is whichever one is on hand or rapidly available. Time may truly be of the essence. When your dog has a severe injury, is bitten by a venomous snake, develops heat stroke , etc. quick action is essential. If you have a choice of potency however, it can best be chosen based both on the “pace” of the dis-ease process and the perceived ability of the patient to respond to homeopathic stimulation of the vitality (sensitivity).

Patient sensitivity to remedies can be partly determined from a few factors. The age of the animal, depth of progression of symptomatology, prior suppression of symptoms, known hypersensitivities, etc. More severe injuries, rapidly progressive acute “infections” like parvo in dogs and cholera in people, usually do best with higher potencies and rapid repetition.

For example, four days ago a dog was rushed into my office because he could not breath. He had gone from a prolonged coughing fit to collapse and near death in a matter of minutes. His gums were pink, but the tongue was cyanotic (bluish) from lack of sufficient oxygen. I administered the remedy Carbo vegetablis in potencies ranging from 30c to 1M every few seconds based on respirations and tongue color. As he improved, and the pace of the oxygen deprivation slowed, so too did my dosing.

Eventually he was breathing well enough and was stable enough to be moved to an oxygen cage and receive the indicated diagnostics at the local ER. In the am, echocardiography showed severe heart abnormalities. Based on the dog’s clinical evaluation and heart ultrasound, the cardiologist was quite surprised that the dog had lived through the night. In her experience, most patients with the same problem, who have not been treated with homeopathy, do not survive such an acute episode. The take home message is to treat homeopathically when possible, treat quickly, and to repeat as the symptoms dictate. With any potency.

Be well.

Dr. Jeff

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