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15 Critical Pet Food Rules

How To Analyze Pet Food Like An Expert

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Video #1

Pet Food Ingredients

Learn how to categorize and analyze pet food ingredients so you know exactly what each ingredient does and exactly how nutritious that ingredient is. We’ll also show you the hidden little ingredients that tell you if the food contains quality proteins.

Video #2

Pet Food Calculations & Amounts

We’ll give you simple calculations so you can determine how much protein, fat or carbohydrate is in a pet food. Then you’ll learn the common trick pet food companies use to fool you into thinking there’s more protein in the food than there really is. 

Video #3

Pet Food Evaluation

We’ll start evaluating real foods and brands and applying the rules and calculations from the first two videos. This is the heart of the course and we’ll show you the exact steps you need to follow to start analyzing foods on your own – just like an industry expert!


Dana Scott, Founder Of Dogs Naturally Magazine

Dana Scott earned her honors degree in Exercise Physiology and her minor in Animal Behavior from McMaster and Brock University. 

Dana is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Dogs Naturally Magazine and is a sought-after speaker and author. Dana breeds and shows Labrador Retrievers under the Fallriver prefix and all of her dogs are specialty winners that have been naturally reared since the 1990s.

In her time with Dogs Naturally Magazine, Dana has been privileged to work with the top people in the pet industry and that experience, coupled with her education and experience raising multiple naturally reared dogs, gives her a unique perspective on pet food nutrition and health care.

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