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Issues In Genetically Engineered Vaccines

By: Martin Jalleh Research officer with the Third World Network In recent years, genetically engineered vaccine strategies have been rushed into common use within such fields as medicine, veterinary medicine

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Proinflammatory Vaccine Adjuvants

The following is an excerpt from Vaccines and Brain Inflammation by Harold E Buttram, MD and Catherine J Frompovich. Inflammation Inflammation is a biochemical process resulting from pathogens, irritants,

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In an article of mine carried on this blog (see the Purdue Study), I outlined the implications of vaccinated dogs in a Purdue study developing autoantibodies to their own biochemicals.  Specifically,

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The Purdue Vaccination Studies And Auto-Antibodies

A team at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine conducted several studies (1,2) to determine if vaccines can cause changes in the immune system of dogs that might lead to life-threatening immune-mediated

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Yearly Vaccination

Chronic Disease is Rising in this Pet Population A massive study of 2.1 million dogs and 450,000 cats by Banfield Pet Hospital shows increases in diabetes, dental disease, flea infestations and other

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