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Thimerosal In Rabies Vaccines

Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative which is nearly 50% mercury by weight. Thimerosal was first introduced in vaccines by Eli Lilly in the 1930’s. Thimerosal is a very inflammatory neurotoxin

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The Big Scam: Rabies Vaccination

Dogs Naturally magazine is delighted to add John Fudens to our list of contributors.  We know you will love his no-nonsense approach and he will be a great asset in teaching us the power of homeopathy

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The Problem with the Leptospirosis Vaccine by: Patricia Jordan DVM March/April 2010 IssueOver the years I have attended numerous lectures on vaccines, detailing the most current information from leading

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Bordetella Vaccination for Dogs: Fraud and Fallacy

Bordetella or Kennel Cough is commonly required by boarding kennels and veterinary hospitals. These vaccinations are delivered to a staggeringly large percentage of dogs and the reason is not to protect

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With Baited Breath

At some time or another, we all worry about the threat of rabies. Most people, at some point in their lives, have seen or heard rumors of the mad neighborhood cat or skunk that had to be destroyed because

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