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Toxic Pesticides: Reversing The Damage

by:  Deva Khalsa DVM Article Excerpt from January 2011   Safe alternatives are very much needed for flea and tick control.  Medical problems that have become common in our dogs and cats could potentially

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The Slippery Subject Of Oils For Dogs

by:  Deb Percival Article Excerpt from January 2011If you are going to buy fish oil, give it to your dogs. It’s a waste for those of us who eat meat or fried foods, drink coffee or alcohol,

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Homeopathic Potencies for Dogs: Dosage and Preparation

Part 1: The Law Of Similars Homeopathy is based on one simple principle: treat like with like. This is called the law of similars. Hahnemann stressed that a disease can only be recognised by it’s

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