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Meat: Dirty Little Secrets

By: Erika Phillips July/August 2010 Issue We are what we eat. Raw feeding dog owners take this simple statement very seriously and eschew kibble for its dubious origins and questionable ingredients. We

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Salmonella: The Bad Bacteria

March/April 2010 Issue by: Kim Bloomer VND & Jeannie Thomason VND In 2007 we witnessed the most significant pet food recall in the history of commercial pet food. Since that incident, more and more

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What’s In Your Pet’s Water?

Dangers of fluoride water in your pet’s water and dog food. Fluoride is a Class 2 environmental toxin, second only to arsenic in its danger as a biochemically reactive poison.  Fluoride’s primary

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Dog Food: Ten Scary Truths

40% of dogs are obese … 46% of dogs and 39% of cats now die of cancer… Heart, kidney and liver disease are epidemic… Like people, dogs are what they eat. Save your dog a lot of suffering,

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Ever Wonder Where Tripe Comes From?

In this episode of Dirty Jobs, we get to see green tripe being made into dog food!

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