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Iams Puppy Food Recall

A couple of weeks ago it was a ‘product pull’ of several varieties of Iams Pet Foods due to “elevated aflatoxin levels“.  This time it is an official recall “due to aflatoxin

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What Is AAFCO?

What Is AAFCO and what do they do for your dog? One aspect of pet food that many dog owners find mystifying is regulation. Some pet owners and stores believe that AAFCO, The Association of American Feed

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Why Most Manufactured Foods Should Not Be Fed To Cats And Dogs

Regardless of the spring of 2007’s largest ever pet food recall that resulted in the poisoning and deaths of thousands of dogs and cats across North America, my answer to this question, unlike many

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Meat: Dirty Little Secrets

By: Erika Phillips July/August 2010 Issue We are what we eat. Raw feeding dog owners take this simple statement very seriously and eschew kibble for its dubious origins and questionable ingredients. We

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