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Is Protein Deficiency Hurting Your Dog?

Does your dog get enough protein in his diet? Chances are he does … but he can still suffer from protein deficiency. Proteins are chains of little building blocks called amino acids. And your dog needs

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9 Raw Dog Treat Recipes

These dog treat recipes are the way to your dog’s heart. Your dog loves treats almost as much as he loves you. Finding ready-made natural, raw, healthy treats can be tough, but making them yourself

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4 Ways Grains Are Sneaking Into Your Grain Free Dog Food

Grain free dog food is a must-have for a lot of pet owners. Many dogs suffer from food allergies or intolerances to grains, starches and soy and these can cause everything from gastrointestinal (GI)

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How To Turn Your Turkey Carcass into Bone Broth

Turkey carcass bone broth is one of my absolute favorite things to make for my dogs. It’s packed full of minerals and nutrients that not only taste great, they also promote a healthy gut, help detox

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[Updated] Why Your Dog’s Raw Diet Isn’t Species Appropriate

I want you to look at the following skull pictures from two different animals.Look at the difference in the shape and number of teeth. Do you think these animals should be eating the same foods? Clearly,

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