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Officers Shooting Dogs

by:  Pat Miller Article Excerpt from January 2011 I worked for 20 years at the Marin Humane Society in Novato, California, just north of San Francisco, for much of that time as a humane officer enforcing

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Using ‘Dominance’ To Explain Dog Behavior Is Old Hat

ScienceDaily (May 25, 2009)Photo courtesy of Vic Neumann A new study shows how the behaviour of dogs has been misunderstood for generations: in fact using misplaced ideas about dog behaviour and

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Biogal Announces the Launch of the Canine VacciCheck in the USA

Some good news on the Vaccine front!  Canine VacciCheck is a cost-effective alternative to titres that can be done in-house with no wait for results.  This test examines level of antibody for core infectious

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What’s Premack Got To Do With Dog Training?

I have to admit that the amount of training I do with my dogs is at times embarrassingly small! Last winter I raised three puppies all the same age and by the time they were a year old, they still didn’t

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