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Week Two: Veterinary Homeopathy, Homeopahtic Books, Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Sore Food, Swollen Pad, Spay, Heat, Reactive, Sound Sensitivity, Fear, Aggression, Insecurity, Behavior, Finding A Homeopathic Vet

Homeopathic Resources Hello, my name is Margarida and I’m from Portugal. I know this is made for owners questions but I am a veterinarian too (hope you don’t mind). I am taking this opportunity

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Week One: Scooting, Dirty Ears, Raiding Garbage, Diarrhea, Bald Patch, Allergies, Undescended Testicles, Cryptorchid

Scooting And Gunky Ears My dog has been “scooting” and has had ear infections, off and on. We have had her anal glands expressed, not very often. When we take her on trips, she doesn’t

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Week Three: Probiotics For Diarrhea, Lyme Disease, Puppy Vaccinations, Spirulina, Aggression, Protein, Behavior

Probiotics for Diarrhea My yellow lab is a 6 months old rescue from North Shore Animal League Long Island. I was wondering if a pro-biotic added to his food will help in controlling his occasional diarrhea.

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