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Reiki for Dogs: 5 Techniques You Can Do At Home

The typical day for my two dogs starts with a big hug, a hearty breakfast, a post-breakfast treat and a morning Reiki session. And it’s tough to say which ritual they enjoy the most. Reiki for dogs

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The Best Of Dogs Naturally

Our mission at Dogs Naturally is to give dogs a long, happy and naturally healthy life. And our commitment is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to manage common health issues at home without

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5 Steps To Improve Your Dog’s Health In One Year

What is the one thing you could do to make your live longer or healthier? Would you feed a different food? Would you give your dog more exercised attention? What would you change? Over the years, I’ve

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[UPDATED] 20 Natural Remedies For Dogs You Didn’t Know About

How many times have you tried natural remedies that don’t work? We’ve tried them all and over the years, we’ve found the best results always come from one place … homeopathy! Before

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Rosemary: A Beneficial Herb?

When I first started learning about how to make my pets’ food healthy, there were a few natural ingredients that scared me. First there were grapes – definitely a big no-no. Learn about other pet

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