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Monthly Heartworm Prevention: Why It’s Unnecessary

Has your vet recommended monthly heartworm prevention meds? According to the package recommendations, heartworm prevention drugs like Tri-Hart, Sentinel, Trifexis and Heartgard are meant to be given every

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Heartworm

Heartworm is a spine-chilling word for dog owners. Every veterinary clinic displays gruesome photos of the foot-long spaghetti-like worms in a dog’s heart … and if you don’t want your dog to end

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Heartworm Facts: Prevalence, Medication And Alternative Treatment

Every spring, vet clinics everywhere put up signs telling you it’s time to test your dog for heartworm and start giving them heartworm meds. You might diligently take your dog to the vet for the testing

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The Top Natural Mosquito Repellents For Dogs

When warmer weather approaches, it’s time for most dog owners to start worrying about heartworm. We want you to relax and enjoy this summer … so we’ve done all the research for you

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Natural Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, Can It Be Done?

The signs of heartworm depend on the number of worms and on the size of the dog. Dogs with only a few worms might test positive but remain asymptomatic.  In dogs with larger heartworm loads, the first

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