Top 12 Benefits Of Colostrum For Dogs

Colostrum For Dogs

You might have heard a lot of people are helping their dogs’ allergies with colostrum. It’s effective against allergies because it’s a potent immune modulator.

But those immune benefits mean colostrum offers a whole array of benefits for your dog, not just allergy relief. Let’s take a closer look at this “forgotten miracle” …

What’s Colostrum?

Colostrum is mother’s first milk, which gives newborns with their first nutrition and helps build a healthy immune system.

But it’s not just newborns that can benefit from colostrum. There are some important reasons to give colostrum to your adult dog too. And that colostrum doesn’t have to come from a dog. Bovine colostrum (from cows) works just as well and it’s easy to find.

But before getting into the benefits of colostrum, let’s talk about what colostrum does in the body.

What Makes Colostrum So Good For Dogs

Colostrum has some key components that make up its healing properties …


Colostrum contains immunoglobulins (also called antibodies). The antibodies in colostrum include IgG, IgM and IgA.

IgG antibodies give puppies and young animals passive immunity. This protects them until their own immune system matures. IgG antibodies can neutralize viruses. In fact, they’re injected into humans to control hepatitis A. IgG antibodies can also fight bacteria and long-standing chronic infections.

IgM antibodies are the first antibodies newborns make. They activate a component of the immune system called the complement cascade … and that’s an important job. Some bacteria have evolved to have surfaces that complement proteins can’t bind to. IgM antibodies can bind to nearly every surface the bacteria will throw at it. This helps the complement proteins attach and destroy the invaders. IgM antibodies are the first line of defense against viruses too.

IgA is another important class of antibodies. Your dog makes more of these than any other antibody. IgA antibodies form a lining in the digestive tract. Their job is to coat bacteria and viruses in the digestive tract so they don’t enter the body. So if dogs don’t have enough IgA antibodies, foreign invaders will constantly escape the digestive tract. This will cause chronic diarrhea and bowel inflammation. Or they can enter the bloodstream and cause allergy symptoms and chronic inflammation in the organs. So it’s critical that dogs have enough IgA stores in their body.

Growth Factors 

Growth factors stimulate cell growth, help repair muscle, bone, and connective tissue. They can also heal the intestinal lining.


This protein is antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiparasitic. It helps eliminate pathogens that trigger inflammation. It also has anti-tumor effects.


Proline-rich polypeptides (PRP) regulate the thymus and immune function … stimulating underactive immune systems or moderating overactive ones. They help the body respond to invaders like microbes, toxins or allergens.


Methylsulfonylmethane is often in joint supplements. It’s a micronutrient that supports wound healing. It can maintain cartilage and manage pain. MSM is also used in cancer treatments. It reduced breast cancer tumors in studies. It also helped manage prostate and liver cancers.

As you can see, one of the main benefits of colostrum is its ability to regulate your dog’s immune system. But let’s discuss the other benefits of colostrum for dogs.

The Top 12 Benefits Of Colostrum For Dogs

There are many reasons to give your dog colostrum. One of the most common reasons is to relieve allergy symptoms, so let’s start there.

#1 Allergies

Allergies are an overactive immune response. The PRPs in colostrum help moderate that response. Colostrum also helps manage inflammation that causes rashes, itching, and discomfort for your dog. Colostrum also helps manage leaky gut, which a common cause of allergic reactions in dogs.

Let’s look at leaky gut in more detail …

#2 Leaky Gut

Leaky gut happens when your dog’s gut lining gets damaged. Drugs or other toxins in his environment can do this. Once damaged, undigested food particles can pass through the lining and get into the bloodstream. These invaders can cause problems ranging from allergies to digestive issues and arthritis

Studies show that colostrum can help heal leaky gut. And lactoferrin plays an important role. It helps manage inflammation and acts as a prebiotic to “feed” healthy gut bacteria.

#3 Diarrhea

So, now that you know it can help heal leaky gut … it shouldn’t surprise you that colostrum can also help manage diarrhea

Studies show it can help reduce many different kinds of diarrhea. This includes chronic, acute and even infectious diarrhea.

Colostrum can also be useful for your litter of puppies. A 2004 study showed that colostrum improved the fecal quality of weaned puppies.

#4 Oral Health

Periodontal disease is a leading veterinary problem in small animal patients. It’s especially prominent in small dogs and often leads to tooth loss. Most conventional vets recommend regular teeth cleaning under anesthesia. That’s risky and many dog owners are understandably reluctant.

But John Ellis DVM PhD suggests colostrum can reduce the bacteria that cause gum disease. Growth factors in colostrum may also repair damaged tissue.

#5 Gut Damage From Drugs

Has your dog taken drugs like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) or antibiotics? These drugs have many side effects. And they can cause permanent damage to your dog’s gut health, including leaky gut.

Several studies show that colostrum can help repair gut damage from pharmaceutical drugs. Keep colostrum in mind if your dog ever needs conventional drugs in an emergency.

#6 Aging

We all want our dogs to stay young and vibrant forever. And research shows colostrum can have anti-aging effects on your dog … in several ways. It can help preserve lean muscle mass and bone density in older adults. This could mean better mobility and strength as your dog ages.

Colostrum also improves recovery from exercise, helping prevent oxidative stress. And studies show it may prevent cognitive decline as well. 

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#7 Autoimmune Disease

Like humans, dogs are suffering more and more from autoimmune disease. Over-vaccination, leaky gut and environmental toxins are just some of the factors. The PRPs in colostrum help regulate an overactive immune system. While growth factors decrease inflammation. Both of these are important in reducing the risk of autoimmune disease.

Immunoglobulins and lactoferrin also help by limiting bacteria and viruses. These viruses can trigger or aggravate autoimmune disorders.

#8 Yeast

Many dogs have to deal with itching, skin odor and discomfort from yeast. Lactoferrin and its peptides have strong antifungal activity. Along with colostrum’s immune-boosting properties, it can help fight your dog’s stubborn yeast infection.

#9. Cancer

Immunoglobulins in colostrum help support your dog’s immune system. They also help fight viruses and bacterial infections.

Lactoferrin’s anti-inflammatory effects may also help treat and prevent cancer. And the cytokines in colostrum can help the body fight cancer as they activate special white blood cells … that can find and kill cancer cells. Colostrum also contains a special protein called Lactalbumin. Researchers report that Colostrum lactalbumin can cause apoptosis (death) of cancer cells … but leaves the healthy cells to thrive.

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#10. Joint Issues And Arthritis

Managing leaky gut and inflammation are a big part of controlling your dog’s joint pain or arthritis. But growth factors in colostrum can help repair tissue damage in the joints. And the MSM in colostrum can help manage pain and inflammation. MSM is also important for helping maintain cartilage.

#11 Canine Flu

Colostrum can prevent upper respiratory diseases. It can also prevent the flu better than vaccination. In fact, a 2007 study showed that colostrum was “at least 3 times more effective than vaccination.” A 2013 study found that a lactoferrin-whey protein supplement can cut down on colds. Only 48 of the participants got sick vs 112 in the placebo group. And patients who did get colds were sick for shorter periods.

Another study in 2013 showed that dogs’ immune function improved with colostrum. And if he’s vaccinated (though we hope not!) … the same study suggested colostrum may improve the vaccine response.

So, if your dog goes to daycare or boarding, give him colostrum to prevent flu or kennel cough.

#12 Skin Problems

You can use colostrum topically to speed skin repair and wound healing. Its antibacterial effects can also help with skin infections. Make a paste of powdered colostrum mixed with distilled water and apply it to …

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How To Choose A Good Colostrum

Colostrum quality varies a lot. So here are some guidelines to help you choose a high-quality product.

  • Find colostrum that comes from pasture-raised, rBGH-free cows. rBGH is a genetically engineered growth hormone. Dairies use it to boost milk production. Any genetically engineered product carries potential health risks, maybe even cancer. It’s banned in many countries, including Canada, the EU, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Make sure the dairy source doesn’t use antibiotics in the cows’ feed. Dairies often use antibiotics to prevent mastitis and other diseases.
  • Ask your provider for an independent Certificate of Analysis. Make sure the product doesn’t have harmful bacteria. Watch for heavy metals or other contaminants too.
  • There are ethical considerations too. Calves need colostrum from their mothers, especially in the first 48 hours. Ask your supplier when they harvest colostrum. Look for products where the calves get the colostrum they need in their first hours.

How Much Colostrum To Give Your Dog

Colostrum is best fed on an empty stomach … but you can feed it with a small amount of yogurt or broth. Gloria Dodd DVM recommends giving it for one month, then as needed.

  • If you’re giving a powder: give 1/16 teaspoon per 25 lbs of body weight, once or twice daily.
  • If your colostrum comes in capsules: give small dogs 1 cap daily, medium to large dogs can have 2 caps daily.

Is Colostrum Safe For Lactose Intolerant Dogs?

Some dogs are lactose intolerant, which means the lactose in dairy can cause digestive upset. The good news is that Colostrum has very little lactose and shouldn’t cause a reaction in most lactose intolerant dogs.

If your dog has a dairy or beef allergy, start with a small amount and watch your dog for reactions. If you don’t see any signs of digestive upset, you can continue to give the colostrum.

As you see, colostrum can help with a wide range of health problems in your dog. It’s inexpensive … and easy to dose because of its mild flavor.

Holistic veterinarian Stephen Blake DVM says colostrum can help with many conditions. He finds it can strengthen other treatments like homeopathy, acupuncture and flower essences.

Dr Blake says, 

“That this natural package contains all the immune and growth factors necessary for life is no accident … and should be considered in any health-related problem.”


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