Podcast #5: A Raw Dog Food Rant and Calendula Facts

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This week, Dana and Rodney talk about a recent message Rodney received from a vet warning of the dangers of raw food for dogs and cats. Of course, we have a few things to say to about that!

Then we’ll talk about a great herb for beginners; calendula! This herb (and homeopathic remedy) has a strong affinity for the mucous membranes so is great for digestive and  urinary tract issues. It’s also a super awesome wound healer when applied topically. We’ll give you some tips on how to get started using calendula on your dog.

(Note: in the podcast Dana says to give the Calendula tincture for dogs who eat foreign objects. She meant to say Calendula the homeopathic remedy! You can give three pellets of 30C or 200C and you might be able to avoid an emergency vet visit!)

Learn More About Salmonella and Calendula

 Salmonella and Pet Food Recalls


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