Bach Flower Essences For Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Black dog laying next to bach flower

As you put on your jacket before heading out the door, you may notice a very sad looking shadow following you around – your dog! Or maybe he waits until you’re gone before going bonkers and destroying the furniture.

Either way, you can tell your dog is stressed out.

And he’s probably dealing with separation anxiety – a fear of being alone. He feels happy and safe when you’re around, but becomes panic stricken when you’re not.

Separation anxiety can be stressful for everyone in the household, but luckily, some simple flowers might ease your dog’s stress levels when he’s home alone, like the ones from Aldaron Essences.

Bach Flower Essences

Over 75 years ago, English physician and bacteriologist Dr Edward Bach made a profound discovery. He found that the flowers of certain native plants had the ability to restore balance to extreme, unhealthy emotional states. Each flower corresponded to a very particular emotion, and when the flower’s “essence” (simply the water the flower had been steeped in) was taken internally, that emotional extreme was gently brought back into healthy balance.

Bach’s research on British flower essences soon gained wide recognition and appreciation. And what’s not to appreciate? They work gently, are non toxic, non habit forming, and can’t be overdosed. Negative side effects are almost unheard of; if you choose an essence for an emotional state that’s not out of balance, you simply won’t see any effect.

In the years since Dr Bach’s original discoveries, research has broadened beyond the British Isles and hundreds of flower essences from around the globe now exist, with more continuing to be developed. Their use has grown beyond human use to include and benefit our companion animals, as well as domestic farm animals and captive wild species. (Bach Flower Essences and Separation Anxiety by Julie Cantrell CDPDT-KA CDBC, November/December Issue of Dogs Naturally Magazine)

Bach flower essences are a gentle way to naturally calm your dog when he is in any form of emotional state.

For the dog with attachment issues, here are four major Bach flower essences that may help:

1. Chicory

Chicory is the essence of choice when normal, desirable attachment and loyalty has become exaggerated into over-dependence or even outright controlling behaviors. Chicory helps “loosen the apron strings,” restoring healthy emotional attachment.

2. Heather

Heather combines well with Chicory. Indicated when the dog exhibits noisy attention seeking behavior.

3. Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut helps the dog who experiences fear and concern, not for himself, but for the owner. While this is not a common emotional motivation for canine separation anxiety, when present, it can be powerful.

4. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a good choice for the dog that pines away for the owner when left behind.

In addition, Rescue Remedy is a great remedy for anxious dogs.

How To Give Bach Flower Essences To Your Dog

  • Give your dog 4 drops at least 4 times a day. You can give them by mouth or put them in his water.
  • Give the remedy for 4 to 5 days

You can also use Bach flower remedies for yourself, your family, other pets, and even farm animals.

Rescue Remedy is always appropriate in high stress, high anxiety situations. Rescue Remedy (AKA Five Flower Formula) is not a single essence, but a combination of five Bach essences that, together, have proven to be highly effective at alleviating severe stress during and after traumatic events.

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