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Your Dog Needs To Be Spayed Or Neutered – Right?

You need to neuter your animal, right? I mean, that’s just basic: there are too many unplanned pregnancies, too many euthanasias because of that, and you need to be responsible and just do this. Right? Not

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Natural Pet Health

  Beware the N Word! Did you just use the N word? Oh oh. Your Goal: Vital Animals! You’ve got animals. You want them to be vital animals. So that they enjoy a long, healthy life with you, free of

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Itchy Skin Wins Big, A Mystery to Vets

Itchy skin prompted the most visits of dogs to veterinarians in 2012. Gee. And is the sky still blue? But wait: this is “a bit unexpected,” according to recent research by VPI, a provider of insurance

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Poisoning Fleas, Pets, And Kids

If you knew something was poison, you’d want to keep it away from your pet, right? Protecting your loved ones is natural, but countless dogs and cats get poisoned on a regular basis, all in the name

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Non-Toxic Flea (and Tick!) Control For Dogs

 Sane Alternatives to Flea Poisons There is probably no area in a pet’s life that takes so much attention to detail as flea control. To do this well makes life with animals easy and fun, yet to do

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