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John Fudens HMC

John Fudens graduated as a veterinarian in 1964 from New York State Veterinary College at Cornell University. For the first eight years he was a conventional veterinarian, practicing surgery, drugs, and vaccines. In 1972 he put a dog to sleep as he had no ability to help him further. He realized then that he was not curing or helping the animals as he had expected. In 1972, he studied acupuncture and in 1982 he began what amounts to thousands of hours of homeopathic training. In 1989, he sold his animal practice and ceased to practice, provide, or believe in conventional veterinary medicine and surgery. Shortly thereafter he opened the Affinity Clinic and became the first doctor to provide totally holistic therapies for animals in Florida, and one of the first in the United States. The clinic has now expanded to include human care.