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6 Tips for Dogs Suffering Halloween Stress

  For many of us, myself included, Halloween is the best time of the year. You get to dress up to become someone or something else, and eat candy – what’s not to love? Not all species, however,

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Does Feeding Your Dog Raw Seem Scary? Not With These 5 Tips!

For many pet owners conditioned to think the best food for their dogs is pre-packaged in a bag, the idea of “feeding raw” can sound terribly scary. The most well-intentioned pet owners may find feeding

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5 Ways Play and Exercise Can Help Keep Your Dog Mentally Healthy

Intellectually we all know we should exercise and play with our dogs. Yeah, it’s good for them. They’re dogs, that’s what they do. As life’s daily stresses get piled on and we continue through

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Quick Soup Recipe For Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows: diarrhea happens. And vomiting too. It’s really your dog’s way of naturally getting rid of something that just isn’t agreeing with him. Many times, for your

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A Tasty Herb, Dill Also Offers 3 Handy Health Benefits for Your Dog

When I think of dill, the first thing that comes to mind is tzatziki sauce. Yes, that Greek yogurt dip that goes great with pita, any kind of meat and charred veggies. I may also think of pickles …

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