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[Updated] Can My Dog Get Heat Stroke?

You’re walking along with your 80-pound, long-haired shepherd one warm, sunny afternoon. You’re breaking a bit of a sweat, but you feel fine in your shorts and tank. But then you look over at Thor,

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The Natural First Aid Kit For Hiking With Your Dog

When it comes to exercise, it’s good to mix things up. Nobody – including your dog – wants to go on the exact same walk, day in and day out. To spice things up, try taking some hikes. Remember to

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My Dog Has Diarrhea … 7 Home Remedies You Can Try

It’s a common question: “My dog has diarrhea … is there a dog diarrhea home remedy?” We’ve got you covered! There are many potential causes of doggie diarrhea, and the first

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A Powerful Arsenal Against Your Dog’s UTI

Anyone who’s had a urinary tract infection knows it really is a pain. Between the painful urination, the constant urge to pee and, many times, the recurrence of infections, it’s a very uncomfortable

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Help Your Dog Win the Battle Against Yeast

When a dog is itchy, two possible causes typically come to mind: Fleas are often first on our list to blame – especially around spring and summer. But when we don’t find any fleas or flea dirt,

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