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Low Platelets

I am an owner of a six year old approx. 76lbs Golden Retriever Sophie. She is my life. About two weeks ago she had two small nose bleeds and had just had a small cold and was having trouble eating for

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Vaccination Linked To Encephalomyelitis, Neurologic Disorders

In May 2013, my 6 year old retired racing Greyhound was diagnosed with auto-mediated encephalomyelitis most likely caused as a reaction to her recent (mid-April) routine vaccinations. She had severe pain

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Stress And Emotional Upset Factors In Dog Health

I have a 7 1/2 year old Gordon Setter named CJ. At 3 years old he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. We also learned he had many food allergies, some that we are sure of are chicken(cooked), beef(cooked),

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Holistic Treatment Of Arthritis

I have an eight year old Lab/Great Dane cross who was diagnosed with arthritis a year ago. I have tried four different pain medications, all cause excessive licking, ripping chunks of fur out, rashes

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