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What’s Premack Got To Do With Dog Training?

I have to admit that the amount of training I do with my dogs is at times embarrassingly small! Last winter I raised three puppies all the same age and by the time they were a year old, they still didn’t

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Titers: What Do They Mean?

Many vets and pet owners are fond of using titers to determine whether a dog requires revaccination with the understanding that a low titre equals low immunity.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that were

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Ever Wonder Where Tripe Comes From?

In this episode of Dirty Jobs, we get to see green tripe being made into dog food!

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Homeopathic Potencies for Dogs: Dosage and Preparation

Part 1: The Law Of Similars Homeopathy is based on one simple principle: treat like with like. This is called the law of similars. Hahnemann stressed that a disease can only be recognised by it’s

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