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5 Tips For Raising A Puppy

A new puppy at home can be both exciting and overwhelming … but there’s far more to it than just training him to sit and stay and do his business outside. Raising a puppy to be a healthy adult dog

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Dog Skin Cancer: Natural Options That Work

Skin cancer isn’t just a disease in people … and it isn’t just caused by too much time spent in the sun without sunscreen. Half of all dogs get cancer, and all forms of cancer are on the rise, including

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Is Protein Deficiency Hurting Your Dog?

Does your dog get enough protein in his diet? Chances are he does … but he can still suffer from protein deficiency. Proteins are chains of little building blocks called amino acids. And your dog needs

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5 Steps To Improve Your Dog’s Health In One Year

What is the one thing you could do to make your live longer or healthier? Would you feed a different food? Would you give your dog more exercised attention? What would you change? Over the years, I’ve

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[UPDATED] 20 Natural Remedies For Dogs You Didn’t Know About

How many times have you tried natural remedies that don’t work? We’ve tried them all and over the years, we’ve found the best results always come from one place … homeopathy! Before

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