1,003,365 Raw & Natural Dog Summit Facts

Raw & Natural Dog Summit

We’re just a few short weeks away from the Raw And Natural Dog Summit 2018.

That means if you don’t have your ticket yet, you’re missing out on 2 full days of:

  • In depth sessions from vets and experts from around the globe
  • Special features on cancer
  • A very special keynote speaker
  • Parties and networking
  • Two full tracks of expert advice

If you were at RNDS 2017, here are some key stats:

Last year, a few hundred of the world’s best dog lovers came to Chicago, Illinois. Together we took in session after session of new and exciting information. We learned all about giving our dogs a long, healthy and natural life.

And we had a lot of fun doing it.

Here’s a quick recap of some of the stats from 2017


Number of miles traveled by our farthest-away attendee (she came all the way from South Africa!)


Number of vendors on the exhibition floor


Number of samples handed out from those vendors


Number of mac and cheese bites consumed


Number of mac and cheese bites consumed by DNM staff (just kidding – but we do promise not to eat as many this year)

Too Many To Count

The number of times we heard “this is amazing!”

But RNDS 2018 is going to be even BIGGER AND BETTER. 

What you can expect for Raw & Natural Dog Summit 2018

What you can expect for RNDS 2018:


Number of holistic vets and expert speakers


Number of countries represented


Number of prizes we’ll be giving away all weekend long


Number of chances you’ll get to star in the DNM video


Number of drink tickets we’ll be handing out at random

Depends on how many adult beverages we’ve had outselves 🙂


Number of vendors this year


Number of hugs and high-fives (probably a low estimate)


Number of mushroom enchiladas at the Saturday night party


Number of chances to meet friends you’ve never met face to face (including Dana Scott)


Number of cups of coffee (or tea) we plan to drink to be able to take in all the information. We’ll exist on adrenaline and excitement alone.


Ok, not really true … the DNM team works really, really hard to make RNDS perfect, so we may be working a few extra hours than usual. That means extra caffeine.

And, drumroll please …


The number of things you’re going to learn about how to give your dog the healthiest life possible.

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And Don’t Forget These Bonuses …

This is a big bonus. We’re really excited … Pet Fooled the documentary is going to be there! This could be your chance to meet the creators of this awesome doc that dives deep into the world of commercial pet food and exposes the many troubling practices. We refuse to be kept in the dark and Pet Fooled is shining a light on the worst offenders.

Maybe you’ll even be part of Pet Fooled 2!

But that’s not all …

If you’re not from the area, this is your chance to take a vacation and explore a new city. And Chicago is well worth the visit! The conference center is right across the way from the Mini Mile.

The chance to check out Julio and Daniel’s excellent dance moves.

An interactive app that you can use to chat with other attendees and ask questions.

An opportunity to steal some face-time with Dana (and maybe even have a drink with her!)

Your chance to

Free t-shirts, big giveaways, exclusive sales and more!

Requirements To Attend

Passion for dogs

The desire to know what’s new in the holistic pet industry and best for your dog

Willingness to lead the way and choose health for your dog!

To still have a few weeks to grab a ticket, get your pack together and get yourself to Chicago. This truly is, in our opinion, the best dog conference in the world! You don’t want to miss it.

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