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ProMeris Recalled

From Veterinary Practice News:

“A recent groundbreaking study of clinical, histological and immunological data of 22 cases of Pemphigus foliaceus, or PF, shows evidence that it can occur as an adverse drug reaction to the canine flea and tick preventive ProMeris.”

“ProMeris was one of the many products that Pfizer brought into its portfolio when we acquired Wyeth/Fort Dodge Animal Health,” says Jim Brick, director and team leader of U.S. marketing for Pfizer Inc.

“We have completed a thorough review and evaluation of the strategic fit into the Pfizer Animal Health portfolio, and have made the decision to discontinue the manufacture and sale of Promeris flea and tick control for dogs and cats.

“We notified our current customers of this decision in early April and will continue to fill their orders until Sept. 20, 2011, or while supplies last. We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our customers with our evolving parasiticide portfolio.”

Pfizer knows this product is unsafe but they are still filling orders until their supply is gone? I think this statement tells us their loyalty is to their bottom line, not our dogs. Always use caution with pharmaceutical products.

For more information on natural tick prevention, read the article Ticks: Natural Prevention And Care.

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Read the full article at Veterinary Practice News.



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11 Responses to ProMeris Recalled

  1. calimamma09

    My dog has demodex and the vets are insisting that I keep her on promeris to get rid of the mange, however, I really hate this product and refuse to keep giving my dog a drug that has been discontinued and recalled by the people who made it! What can I do?

  2. Kelli

    I am very sorry the all of the problems this medication has caused, but I believe that it saved the lives of my dog and his brother, who both suffered from mange. One other puppy from the same litter that was treated with the traditional dips died. I hope that there is another product as effective as Promeris for the treatment of demodectic mange but without the side effects some have experienced.

    • Dogs Naturally

      Demodex is caused by immune suppression. Every dog has demodectic mites on them – it is the unhealthy dogs with poorly functioning immune systems who get mite infestations. Two of the main causes of immune suppression in dogs are vaccinations and drugs. This is a prime example of how using these products means that you will have to use these products more often. Instead of just treating the symptoms of mange with drugs, why don’t people ask why their pet has the condition in the first place? The answer is immune suppression and using drugs to treat diseases caused by immune suppression will only make the overt symptoms less noticeable. The immune system will be further taxed with the drugs and even more chronic disease will result. In our opinions, drugs treat symptoms, not dogs. Natural health care methods address the health of the dog instead of just killing the mites – consequences be darned!

      • Rosy Theart

        I agree to everything you say except that vaccinations decreases the immunity of the pet. If you do not vaccinate your dogs in South Africa, they will surely die from Parvo virus or Distemper! And they do… all the time. Give a good diet, deworm and vaccinate, and you won’t have problems with dogs getting sick. There are various ways to treat mange in dogs which is easy and NOT LIFE THREATENING. Ask your vet! Vaccinations BOOSTS your dogs immunity, except when you vaccinate a sick dog, then you make it worst.

        • Hi Rosy
          Two problems with your post. One, there really aren’t any dogs left who aren’t sick. Most have some sort of autoimmune disease, thanks to vaccination and poor diet. Second, there is a plethora of research showing the vaccination turns the immune system “inside out”, creating a humeral bias. This is why allergies, cancer and other auto-immune diseases are so rampant in dogs (and people) today. Did you know that children who get chicken pox naturally are less likely to suffer from asthma and allergies while those who are vaccinated aren’t protected? Although geared toward human vaccines, you might find this article interesting: http://gaia-health.com/gaia-blog/2013-05-12/vaccines-do-irreparable-harm-study-from-poland/

  3. Terrie Fenderson

    My golden has been on promeris and is now very sick. Her skin is inflamed and infected. She has had gastric issues since we started on this drug. Now she is loosing body mass due to gastric issues. I am not sure this can be reversed as she is very sick. The maker of promeris will be hearing from me.

  4. Kelly Hill

    I used this product on my dog and he got very sick, He lost the pad’s on his feet and all the hair fell off his neck & back then the pus and open sore’s all over his back and ear’s I would never use his product again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very bad. His hair never did grow back right.

    • mary toler

      Kelly, we are going through the same things with our dog. Pads on paws gone, sores, and fever. We are in the 7th week and cost of $1,400. We are so worried that Mavis will not make it. Vet sent biopsy to North Carolina State University School of Vet. We are being told it looks like Promeris behind Mavis’ illness. What did your Vet. use/do to help? Please reply-Steve and Mary

  5. Suzanne Engelien

    My whippet has autoimmune form this product . I have endless vet bills and almost lost my dog the company could careless.

  6. Sherry Cooper

    I have used Promeris on my dog several times. Each time she is lethargic, doesn’t want to eat, is grumpy and generally seems unwell. She usually snaps out of it after a week or so. Her vet wanted her on it ( once every two weeks) for a cronic skin condition. Now I understand it is being recalled.
    Can I return the two doses I have left?
    Sherry Cooper
    4120 Forsythia Drive
    Cincinnati Ohio 45245


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