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Is Your Natural Dog Shampoo Safe?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the same day my beloved toy poodle Henry Clay succumbed to his third battle with cancer. During my illness, my family and I began to take a closer look at the food

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Helping Allergies In Dogs With Food Energetics

The Cause of Your Dog’s Allergy Symptoms There are many pharmaceutical options on the market that promise quick results, but the ensuing side effects can be worse than the allergic condition they

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Natural Mosquito Repellents

 Spring has been wet and cool in most states this year and that means increased mosquito and black fly activity this summer. Those pesky bugs are a painful nuisance for you and for your dog…and

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Dog Food: Ten Scary Truths

40% of dogs are obese … 46% of dogs and 39% of cats now die of cancer… Heart, kidney and liver disease are epidemic… Like people, dogs are what they eat. Save your dog a lot of suffering,

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